Ad formats to enhance your game

Unleash the power of your games with in-play advertising

In-Play Ads

Display blended banners or videos on any object in the game.
The creatives can be dynamically updated during the game session.

3D Placements

3D ads are Admix’s new format to create the ultimate advertising experience.
3D ads contain 2 major innovations:
  • completely native format, blended within the content
  • interactive objects, delivering a mini brand experience

Curved Placements

You might want to monetize areas of your applications which aren’t flat, like a column, or the side of a plane.
With the curved placement option, you can change the shape of the placement to make it fit the environment.

Rewarded ads

With this feature, you can link rewards to the completion of an ad.
To access this feature:
  • click on Admix Manager in the ‘Hierarchy’ menu
  • open the Inspector Window
  • find the Admix Events Holder section

The best in-play solution

For Unity / Unreal

No coding required

No SDK conflict

No frame rate drop

Only 1Mb in build

5000+ advertisers

Formats & devices

From 2D mobile games to immersive virtual reality experiences, Admix supports it all.
Slick formats to place within your games

Powerful backend, made for devs

All apps in one place

Real time analytics

Advanced reporting

Invite your team

Dedicated support

Monthly payments

Filter advertisers

Whitelist / blacklist brands by categories to keep your ads relevant

Advanced reports

Fancy graphs so show how well you’re doing and help you maximize your revenue

Get paid

Manage your invoices and get paid every month, like clockwork.

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