Getting brands in the metaverse

Exclusive NFT collab - 11/14 to 12/18


Brands in the

The NFTs

Small Billboard

  • SMALL banner billboard

  • Dynamic ad insertion

  • 50% revenue share on the ad revenue

  • Paid to your wallet in $CUBE, yearly

Medium Billboard

  • MEDIUM static banner billboard

  • Dynamic ad insertion

  • 70% revenue share on the ad revenue

  • Paid to your wallet in $CUBE, yearly

Large Billboard

  • XLARGE static banner billboard

  • Dynamic ad insertion

  • 90% revenue share on the ad revenue

  • Paid to your wallet in $CUBE, yearly

How it works


Buy one of the Somnium x Admix NFT billboards


Add billboard to your Somnium Space parcel


Earn ad revenue, paid in $CUBE yearly

Week 3

Movember is the leading global organisation committed to changing the face of men’s health, raising funds to support causes such as mental health and prostate cancer. At Admix, we are contributing by committing to donate 100% of our NFT sales (week 3) to the Movember cause.

Official site:

Week 5

Ocean Outdoor fills a unique position in the Out of Home (OOH) advertising landscape, specialising only in digital, super-premium and globally iconic screen locations. Admix has partnered with Ocean to recreate some of the world’s most iconic advertising sites and bring them into the virtual world.

Official site:

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Admix is the pioneer of in-play, a non-intrusive monetization solution for games and virtual worlds. The in-play technology inserts brands, ads or items directly within the gameplay, so it doesn’t interrupt the user experience. Since 2018 Admix has raised $37m in VC funding, and helping hundred of brands enter gaming and now the metaverse.

Official site:

Somnium Space is an Open, Social & Persistent VR world. Buy land, build or import objects, and instantly monetize. Since 2018, Somnium has seen hundred of thousand of users and sold millions in NFTs, from land to other objects. Somnium is launching another batch of land offering on November 14th, and as part of that, this exclusive drop!

Official site:

Cloud9 Esports is the premier esports organization in the world. Fielding twelve professional teams in eleven different games, Cloud9’s reach is unparalleled – generating more viewer hours than cable networks like CNN or ESPN. Cloud9’s investors include Founders Fund, Valor, WWE, and Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian.

Official site:


Once you own the NFT, you’ll be able to unlock Admix integration within Somnium and place billboards in your parcels. Our technology then connects advertisers from various sources with available ad inventory. The content of the ad is then streamed and rendered in the billboard dynamically, so it will change based on brands campaigns we have available. We then measure how many people have seen the ad and pay a revenue share to the creators.

Since 2018, we have positioned Admix as a gateway for brands to reach their audience in new media like games, and now the metaverse. We have a sales team across Europe, USA and Japan that have brought in deals with brands such as Calvin Klein, Uber, Sky, Facebook Gaming, McDonalds and many more. More info here:

Once the billboard is installed in your parcel, Admix’s technology will insert ads dynamically within it. Our advertiser partner for the launch is Cloud9, who will be the first brand displayed there. Starting Q1, more brands will join and start running regular campaigns in Somnium. Owning the NFT guarantees that you will be able to capture some of this revenue.

Not yet – but we will announce the new brand partners as we sign them in Somnium’s Discord, so you can decide to activate your billboard or not based on the brand. Eventually, we will have a full API integration with Somnium giving you access to a dashboard to monitor, control and prioritise the brands that you like the most.

Brands are paying for exposure, so the more people see the ad in your experience, the more revenue you will generate. So the best way to increase revenue is to build popular experiences, then monetize them. While the payout is difficult to quantify, we believe that as the audience grows, a significant portion of the digital advertising budgets (currently about $300B a year) will shift to the metaverse.

Once the NFT is installed in your parcel, you will need to share your wallet address for Admix to process payments in $CUBE. The more your billboard is seen by users, the more revenue you generate. Initially, payment will be made yearly, with a view to implement monthly payments in the near future. Selling the NFT triggers an automatic payment of the balance due until the sale.

These NFT are ‘Founder Edition’ – to reward early adopters, the revenue share is set forever. For example, with the XL billboard, you will pocket 90% of the ad revenue on this billboard forever 🙂

This drop is active during Somnium’s Land Offering – from 14th November to 18th December. Every week we will drop only 3 billboards: S, M and XL – for a total of 15 items. The earliest batch you buy, the better the revenue share. In the later weeks, we might also add special items 🙂

Find us on Discord and chat to the teams!

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