How State Farm integrated VR as part of their $1B media plan


The insurance industry is known to be one of the largest industries in the world. America’s State Farm is the 9th biggest insurer in the world, with an advertising budget estimate close to $1B a year. The company had the objective to reach a slightly younger demographic, which perfectly matches Admix’s in-game inventory.


State Farm decided to use the Verizon Media DSP to buy inventory through Admix. The advertiser has access to standard reporting through the DSP as well as a weekly breakdown of key in-game metrics like gaze time, and completion rate.


The State Farm campaign was broad in terms of requirement: the first goal was to create engagement with 25-34 years old in the US. The second goal was to introduce some performance elements in the campaign. We built a metric called gaze-click, enabling users to click on ads to open a webpage in the placement, simply by looking at them or using their VR controllers.


  • reached 500,000 US users immersed in  VR apps
  • unique in-game engagement metrics show the audience spent a total of over 53h directly looking at the Uber brand
  • generated 50x CTR improvement over mobile ads and created a memorable experience that fit their new campaign’s objective

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