Build your business with in-play ads

In-play is a non-intrusive, no code game monetization solution that puts player experience
first. That means higher revenue, higher retention, and happy users.

Available for Unity and Unreal engines.

Drag and drop ad placements

Go from plugin download to placing ads in-game in minutes. No coding, no jumping through hoops, and instant results.

Drag and drop - Code-free

Insert ads in your game lightning fast. No coding, no jumping through hoops, instant results.

Keep creative control

With shaders, deforms, and lighting control you can make ads fit your game instead of distract from it. You’re in control.
Admix supports all devices and genres!

Fit your scene

No more popups and interstitials that ruin your game. With Admix, you’re 100% in control and your players thank you for it.
Admix supports all devices!

Designed by creators, for creators

For Unity / Unreal

No coding required

All platforms supported

Only 1Mb in build

Predictable revenue

5000+ advertisers

Real time analytics

Monthly payments

Invite your team

Dedicated support

Comprehensive docs

3rd party verified

Here's what game developers say

Go live and analyse

With 14 day standard payment terms and programmatic connection to over 5,000 advertisers, you’ll be paid fast for your work.

In-Play Fuels HGames’ Rocket Growth

  • 250M downloads, 13M DAU
  • +31% ARPDAU (Revenue Per Daily Active User)
  • 25% of Total Ad Revenue
The HGames team are thrilled with their in-play placements. By integrating Admix they have enabled thousands of advertisers to buy their in game inventory directly, resulting in a substantial increase to revenue. In fact, Admix now equates to 25% of their total ad revenue!

Our Formats

In-Play Banner

The easiest and most versatile placements. Use them as everything from in-play billboards to posters and monetise your game’s environments.

In-Play Video

Engaging video ads with even higher eCPM than our banners. Perfect for in-game billboard ads, tv screens, or anywhere else a video could fit.


We’re working on branded 3D objects that enrich your game’s environments like nothing else.

Free Asset Library

Everything from 3D models, to music, to tools and hosting sites. Totally free, for creators by creators.

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