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Monetize your virtual
world with In-Play

In-Play is a non-intrusive monetization solution for games and
digital spaces that puts player experience first.

The world's best publishers trust Admix

Higher revenue. Better retention.
Happier players.

In-Play keeps players playing

In-Play ads appear inside gameplay and don't affect user retention. It's an infinitely scalable model that protects player experience.

No code, full creative control

Drag, drop, and customise In-Play ads with shaders and lighting to make them fit your game, not distract from it.

Earn more with pioneering tech

With the most advanced In-Play solution out there, we maximise the value of every impression to keep your revenue coming.

Want to hear some
Success stories?

Boris Kalmykov
Hypemasters CEO
Incremental revenue

“Admix was superfast to implement and we were earning revenue straight away. It’s nice to see premium brand ads in our games without interfering with gameplay. Plus it’s all extra revenue that we were leaving on the table.

Wish we did it sooner!”

Erik Pöntiskoski
Dodreams CEO
Ad views

“We were joking at that time 6 years ago how cool it would be to someday have real ads in our game. We like In-Play because, with this format, our interests are aligned with the advertiser.

We basically get paid for players staying in the game. 👋💸”

Elena Bugakova
AppQuantum Producer
Average LTV uplift

"We instantly saw great results with some advertisers and [In-Play is] now a steady new additional revenue stream for us.

The fact that it’s resistant to the iOS 14 problem was also a big plus for us and helps to future-proof our revenue stack."

What are the benefits
Using Admix?

Best in class

Pioneering ad render tech to maintain your game's performance.

From install
to revenue in 6hrs

No-code setup for Unity and Unreal so you can start earning fast.

Advanced stats
and analytics

Manage and monitor live performance from our custom dashboard.

payment terms

Get paid quicker than ever with Admix's Turbo payment terms.

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